Surf Lessons in beautiful Puerto Rico!

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Tom Luker in Puerto Rico

Tom Luker as seen in Surfer Mag - your instructor!

The ultimate surf school!  The best and most tropical surf spots for beginner or expert, all close.  The most consistent surf.  And boards that you can ride!

Beginners & Advanced

Certified Instructors  -  Safe and user-friendly equipment

 * Beginner Lesson rates: 1-1/2 hours of beach and water instructions on safety and surfing. @ $65 per lesson per persons up to 2 beginners.
* Student keeps the board for the day.
* Advance Lesson rates: 2-1 hour session pd @ $40 one person only.
* Board rentals:$15 pd (House rate) $25 pd for persons staying at other locations.
* See you the water

Beginners guaranteed to stand up the 1st time out!

Advanced lessons. We'll show you how to really hit the lip!
How to generate speed to do what you're seeing the pro's do!
We analyze your present skills via video!
We'll analyze your board.
And show you how to get the most out of your time in the water!

The Shaping Bay

(Coming soon)  We're going to offer to any surfer who has the desire to make their own board the opportunity to be guided through the board-making process and leave with their own wave tool.

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