Summer Surf in Puerto Rico?  Sure!

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Maybe you've heard the rumor "there's no surf In Puerto Rico in the summer". If you're in Rincon that's true.   This shot was taken at Wilderness in Puerto Rico.  No surf?  Hmmmm.

Here in Aguadilla and Isabella we surf every day if we want to!

Hard northeasterly and southeaster's along with tropical waves send chest high to overhead waves with a great angle along our North shore. The crowds are gone but the surf is still here and lots of fun.

Great also for the guy or girl who likes their surf chest to headhigh every day, or the novice who wants controllable surf - one just picks their spot for the surf they want.

Beside the surf is the freedom you enjoy here on the beach!  It is of a time long lost on the East Coast . Here in Puerto Rico you can you sit on the waters edge with a cooler of beer, your dog, burgers on the grill, waiting for the tide change - and nobody's blowing a whistle or checking your beach badge?? Pass the opener.

What else?  Night Life!   Salsa, Merengue, Casino's, shopping malls, ice cold movie theaters - all the comforts of home, but in a tropical atmosphere and with good surf in the morning.   Good dinning?  Local Creole menu, bakery's galore, and Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Peruvian, Fish Pincho's????  The list goes on and on.

And you can fly Direct to Aguadilla from:

Newark NJ on Continental
JFK or Orlando FL on Jet Blue
Atlanta GA on Delta
Orlando / Sanford on Pam Am
So what are you waiting for?  Summer in Puerto Rico Rules!

But as for me, I gota go now. Time to check the surf. -  Tom Luker

See ya in the water?

Maximize your Surf experience in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico!

3 Rooms, each accommodate 2 people, with shared kitchen & bath. $22 pp pn
1 Efficiency for 2 people.  $65 pn
Group Rates - Cable TV and AC on request

All Rooms for Surfers have free wireless Internet Connection, so bring your laptop!

Se Habla Espaņol


Your Hosts - Tom & Sonja
Fax/Phone (787)997-3349
Phone (787)509-3440
Tom Luker
PMB 313 65 Ramey Shopping ctr.
Aguadilla pr 00603-1262

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