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Here are just two examples of kitchens.
Since this is custom woodwork, keep in mind that you can have anything that you want for your home in Puerto Rico!
Brazilian wood kitchen

This kitchen is done in Brazilian Cedar, custom made to exactly fit all appliances.  Classic style with rich, warm South American hardwoods. Finished with a hand rubbed luster of exotic Tongue Oil.

Brazilian wood kitchen insert

Close-up of the kitchen to the left, showing beautiful custom lattice work and cabinet inserts.

Completely different type of kitchen

And a completely different type of cabinets.  We have no limits of what we can do to make what you imagine into a reality .. think out loud...  We can do anything that you want for your home.

Counter tops? They are again your chance to make a statement in your home by choosing the variety of laminates that are available, or choose ceramic, hard plastics, hard woods, granite, etc. You tell us!

Custom woodwork made in Puerto Rico for your home in Puerto Rico! 

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