CPR for an old board!

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Tom Luker

Tom Luker as seen in Surfer Mag - Surfer and Shaper!

The following is a step by step pictorial of bringing an old board to a brand new one. And if you don't want to do it yourself, we'll do it for you.

From this
From this. . .a really old board that was going into the trash!
To this
To this!  A fine modern surfboard that surfs like a rocket!

The first picture above is an old George Downing 9'0" single fin.  A fine board in it's day, but sadly not today.  The pix shows the first cut, starting to modify the board to more of todays shape.

Fin boxes

Fin boxes?  They don't matter.  You can see how to modify them below.  As seen, you can also modify the tail to your preference also.


Cutting away the dead foam.


Then peel it like a banana.

Top deck

Top deck, ready to fill before skinning.

Old out

Out with the old.


Bottom before shaping.


What should we do with this mess?


Cut it out with straight flat cuts.

New piece

Shape a new piece and glue it in.
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Craters.  Do the same thing as fin box.


Keep plaining or fill the same as fin box.


Fill crater.


Crater gone.

Bottom done

Bottom shaping done.


Painted, ready for lam coat.


Finished, ready for testing.  Needs buffing, but try it first.  BTW, it surfs great!

See you the water

The Shaping Bay

We're also going to offer to any surfer who has the desire to make their own board the opportunity to be guided through the board-making process and leave with their own wave tool.

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