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Why buy a board from us?

Tank testing

Shape it ride it. Tank testing the 9' 0" Crossover at Wilderness.


I want to spark peoples interest that I have something they should at least check out and or  try, simply to raise the FUN FACTOR of the Surfing experience.

You too can put the Fun and Performance back in your Surfing!

My goal when I shape a 5' to a 10' board is how can i minimise drag,  friction, and Resistance to let the board slide across the face of the moving wall of water (wave), with enough vertical stabilization (fin) to hold and provide drive (speed) as you and the board travel down and along the wave face using gravity and the energy provided by the wave....If I get all that right, the surfer I shape the surfboard for should be able to paddle into wave quicker, have a smoother transition from prone to standing the abrupt "V" out the tail (see photo), making turning up the face almost automatic, combine that with the 5/16" concave and chined rail starting at the nose through to between the front fins or in front of a single for max lift and accelerate the glide making the bottom a slicker than snot. Which equals a  fun board to give you what we are  all looking for, more waves longer rides big fun. These are boards that chage your surfing experience..

Today's surf community feels they should a variety boards in their board quiver and I feel they should at least have 2  Red Diamond Slider's , one short under 7'and one long or longer over 8'

Here are some boards I have designed and built.

Luker built
The Crossover : is by far for me has been a real surprise this season. Dementions: 9'- 0" - 13 1/2" nose - 23" wide point - 15 1/2" tail, with double wingers, I can sit with longboard pack and catch as many waves as anybody . Yet with a twin or thruster set up the thing really rips. Its BIG FUN in chest high to triple overhead. Its a great board to have if your looking for paddle advantage but still want to crank some turns almost like a short board.. this is it. I can't get off the damn thing..

9' 2" longboard /nose rider twin fin with single concave  to abrupt V out the tail, which I use from knee high to double overhead with complete control , more  speed to beat closed out sections than most normal boards . this board is just plane fun for beginners to advanced surfers looking to step up their rail to rail performance with confidence. Single fin set ups work as well with this bottom contour.
The bottom contours shown here are what gives the boards more speed, stability and quicker rail to rail transfers, helping the average surfer advance their surfing experience like over sized golf clubs help the average duffer hit those Great shots more often, check it out.
Nose ride
This 6' 8" nose rider shows the effect of having a deep concave 3/8" running through the whole bottom creating a very hydrodynamic glide, giving the board a slick feeling as you slide over the flat sections into the next  down the line section. All my boards have this bottom, because it works in every condition for every level surfer. Do you need a little more speed? Without pumping, hopping, hoping you'll make that next section. Give me call and lets get you a new fun board.
The surfboard
This quiver was for a couple in Oregon 7' 8 and 7' 4". The bottom contours and fin set up work on any board.
Bottom turn
Driving through a bottom turn at Wilderness PR on a 6' 4".

This could be your board
"This will never, ever change, as long as hot surfers lead design, rather than big manufacturers Garage workmanship aside, quite the opposite was proven. All legitimate, internationally accepted design revolutions have come from the backyard tinkerer and/or the surfer/shaper. Moreover, it can be seen as somewhat symbolic that many of the prototypical design innovations that put us in the tube, up on the lip, or carving high-G turns came from shapes that were hewn out of stripped down longboards built by the large-scale manufacturers".
Dave Parmenter

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